Are you feeling disconnected from others and yourself? Are you frequently worried that you're not good enough? Are you feeling stuck wondering what your purpose is in life? I provide a safe space to explore your thoughts and emotions, dreams and desires, hurts and frustrations so that you can heal from your past and feel excited about your future.

Starting therapy is often a very difficult decision and one that is usually accompanied by some anxiety. I encourage you to ask any and all questions. The therapist you choose to see is a big decision. I believe in finding a good fit and if I don't believe I am the best fit for you, I will refer you to a respected clinician in the area. 

If we decide to work together, we will examine areas of your life that are not working for you. With warmth and compassion, I will guide you on a path of self exploration towards who you want to be. We can also explore how you would like your relationships to improve. I will help you transform your pain into growth. You will learn to identify what you feel so that you can discern what you need. I find that many of my clients know how to care for others but don't quite know how to compassionately care for themselves. I will teach you how to have a loving relationship with yourself so that you can better serve those you love.

The relationship between client and therapist is foundational to this work, therefore I place a high value on creating a trusting relationship that is open and authentic.  

Call me for a free fifteen minute consultation to discuss how we can address your concerns and find peace, purpose and joy in your life - (925) 270-7922. Or click on the "Contact" tab, fill out your information and I will contact you.


In individual therapy we will collaborate together about your goals for growth. Weekly 50-minute sessions will be scheduled to provide you with consistency and optimal learning opportunities. 


In family therapy we will work with multiple family members to assess what is not working in your family. We will work together to develop new interaction patterns for a more vibrant family unit. 


In couples therapy we will identify troubled areas in your relationship. I will equip you with new skills so that you can become a safe haven for your partner and discover deeper intimacy in your relationship. I find 75 minute sessions to be most effective for couples. 


In todays world it can be hard for teens to find a place to slow down, explore their thoughts and feelings, and open up in a safe environment. I provide a place for them to explore who they are, search for what they want out of life, and identify the wounds and burdens they carry.