Trained in Internal Family Systems, I find this to be a powerful modality of healing. For those unfamiliar with IFS I recommend the website: www.selfleadership.org. This form of therapy is non-pathologizing, empowering, and facilitates deep transformation within oneself and in relationships with others. To learn more, read this article.


Many people struggle with anxiety. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. These symptoms might include worry, restlessness, hyper-vigilance, change in appetite, sleep disturbances, irritability, obsessive thoughts, being on edge, and so on. If you do not want anxiety to continue running your life, you can learn skills to manage and reduce it. In therapy we will explore the underlying causes of the anxiety and heal old wounds that trigger worry in your daily life. We will also look at other factors that might be contributing to the anxiety such as depression, grief, relationship issues, and so forth. If you think that you may be suffering from anxiety, print and complete this questionnaire: Burns Anxiety Inventory. 


Depression can cause you to feel like you are trudging through tar. You may experience a sense of hopelessness, worthlessness, irritability, loss of interest in activities that were once pleasurable, and may begin to isolate yourself from others. Depression is treatable and you don't need to suffer alone. I will help you find hope again a you heal and will equip you with skills to reduce the symptoms of depression. We will also address the underlying causes that contribute to the depression that you are experiencing. If you think that you may be suffering from depression, print and complete this questionnaire: Burns Depression Inventory. 


Losing a loved one can be one of the loneliest, most painful times of life. You may have found that many people don't know how to support or comfort you. You have probably heard many hurtful comments - something to the tune of, "Aren't you over it yet?" Some people think that grief just takes time to get over, but actually, it requires intentionality and it's not something we get over. Grief changes us. One process of healing occurs by sharing your feelings, thoughts and memories with someone who can really listen and be present in your pain. I am personally acquainted with the profound experience of grief and the immense comfort that comes from a supportive individual. It is my privilege to offer compassion and guidance for those who invite me along their journey.


Do you tend to care for others really well, but not yourself? Women often get into the trap of believing that it is selfish to take care of themselves, but in reality we are able to serve our loved ones best when our own tank is full. Women often have the unique role of juggling a career, parenting, caring for extended family and maintaining a home. It is not uncommon to become burnt out and lose one's sense of self. Come rediscover your passions and how best to refill your tank, so that you are not only caring for others, but yourself too.


If you would like to incorporate your faith into therapy, I welcome this! I believe that God is the ultimate healer. Some people want to explore their beliefs in God, others want to understand their anger or disappointment with God or their faith community. If you would like Biblical principles to be integrated into your therapy, this is an option. Likewise, if your spirituality is grounded in other faith traditions I will openly explore this with you as well.


One of the best ways to be a great clinician is to engage in your own therapy. I love working with people who are just starting out their careers as therapists as they navigate the stress of school, practicum, internships, and exam preparation. There are so many potential areas for anxiety to take over and therapy is a great place to learn tools to work with the anxiety as well as discover who you want to be as a practitioner. In addition, I welcome seasoned clinicians who are seeking personal growth. 

I also offer consult and supervision in IFS for therapists working towards certification. Ten individual or twenty group hours are required as part of the certification process.